Publish and be damned

BalloonsI EVENTUALLY managed to sort the ePub problem by copying and pasting the offending chapter into a web editor and cleaning out the rogue formatting. It worked and Smashwords sent me a mail congratulating me for publishing my book so successfully. Unfortunately, the version failed to update to qualify for their premium service and got stuck in the process.

A really helpful bloke called Bryan eventually managed to sort out the problems and now the book is available in all e-formats on their site.

I wish there was a Bryan on Create Space and FeedARead as he would have averted the extra cost of £35 and £29, for another set of proofs and unwarranted revision respectively.

One lives and one learns.

The Ivy Moon website is being built this week. There was a bit of delay as my web builder was snowed under with school news. I have made a temporary site for my personal author’s website at which I will link to when I get a chance. I will then get the whole thing rebuilt because I don’t like unrelated ads on my site.

For personal reasons, all this effort pales into insignificance against the fact that my book can now be pre-ordered on the Waterstone’s website. I see the lips curling in incomprehension, but that’s a feat I thought I would never achieve.

Over the past few days, I’ve been promoting the book which is gradually dripping into the raging tidal wave of newly published novels. Goodreads is like manna from heaven and I highly recommend it to any authors who are drowning under the effort to promote their works.

With the benefit of experience and hindsight behind me, I have every intention of supporting authors by hosting guest blogs, interviews and reviews on the Ivy Moon website. We are currently writing a page into the site where authors – and that’s any author (whose works do not commit a crime nor offend public decency) – may upload some blurb, cover artwork (thumbnail) and link to their new work of fiction.

I hope that the site will grow into a place where authors and publishers can feel free to promote their works and target readers at the same time. I also hope that, over time, Ivy Moon will become a free and valuable reference for all authors. This is a dream for the not-too-distant future and one I believe can be realised without much effort.

In the meantime, I am sorting out a wash of reviews, interviews and guest blogs in order to get the book paddling on the surface of that wave at least. It will take time, but I’m determined to get there.

I am now ordering a small print run for a physical book launch and to give away to members of the press for review. I hate the spotlight but it has to be done.


2 thoughts on “Publish and be damned

  1. MishaBurnett says:

    Congrats for getting into Waterstone! I have heard that is quite a challenge for a small press.

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