Winning words

ImageTHE Sleeping Warrior has just been given its very first accolade.

OK, it’s only a small one, but it’s a very good start to what has become a lengthy and intense promotional campaign to get the book noticed.

It is now book of the month at the website of author Richie Earle who makes the time and effort to support other authors. This is Richie’s first book of the month poll and The Sleeping Warrior garnered 50% of the vote from just over 60 who participated:

The book is also number nine on The People’s Book Awards. It did reach higher than that until a few new entries came in with massive numbers of votes that my paltry 91 couldn’t compete with:

In these types of polls, those who know the largest amount of people on the social internet sites and can persuade them to vote for them are the ones who win. It has nothing to do with whether your work is better or worse than your fellow competitors. It’s all about who you know. Most of your voters will probably never have even heard of your book, let alone read it.

This, I am aware, gives a very false impression as to an author’s true worth and I doubt very much that winning will increase sales. Entering this type of competition solely serves as another step up the promotional ladder and expands social network infiltration a little bit further. Once Richie’s blog takes off and gathers more followers, for example, so will more people learn about the book. Conversely, more people will learn about Richie through symbiosis.

Book polls reveal the importance of social networking and how followers in quantity can make all the difference to a marketing campaign.

It’s not exactly a giant leap, but it’s the small steps that count.


4 thoughts on “Winning words

  1. rosgemmell says:

    It’s great promotion for your book, Sara, and for you as a new author. I think you’re right about the canvassing of votes – something I would be very loathe to do! Yet you at least can be assured most of us will have thought yours truly deserving of the accolades!

  2. Good luck Sara. The first step is the hardest and I admire the effort you are putting into promotion.

  3. ivymoonpress says:

    Thanks Rosemary and Gwen.

  4. fred says:

    Sara, several winning authors have reported increased sales and one has been awarded a major publishing contract as a direct result of winning The Book Awards. But if you feel it isn’t worth being in the awards, you could always ask for your book to be removed.

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