Pulling teeth from a dinosaur


Jackie and grand-daughter Alison, who is also the co-author of their faction thriller, Twilight of Doom

Guesting on the Ivy Moon Press blog today is American writer Jackie Mae who gives us her take on the importance of reviewers to authors.

Jackie is first an author of adult science-fiction/thrillers. Her debut novel in The Darkest Series, The Ones, has been praised for being ‘imaginative’ and ‘riveting.’

The series chronicles ‘women as they struggle with their new-found psychic abilities and battle a possible alien takeover’ and is an eclectic mix of sci-fi and supernatural suspense, from an author who has an excellent way with words. 

TheKEYBOOKcoverA Taylor and Alan Adventure series is a thriller faction for kids. Faction, Jackie says, ‘helps to instil the concept of being mindful and respectful of our environment.’

Co-authored with her granddaughter Alison, Twilight of Doom has been described as ‘a fine introduction to mystery reading in particular, and READING for joy, in general.’ The sequel, The Key, is due out before Christmas.

A portion of the proceeds of book sales in the series go to the Caitlyn Dunbar Nature Center in Maryland, USA, to help support Girl Scouts.

This is what Jackie has to say:

One would think dinosaurs are long past gone but in fact the direct descendants, the chickens, are still around along with many survivors of the time. The alligator, caiman, cockroaches, and the like are still with us.

But I reference none of those things. I started using it to reference my children many years ago. You know, when you cannot (in the presence of children) use more colourful words that may apply, most appropriately, for the given situation but nonetheless you shouldn’t and don’t. Nowdays, with my children grown, I mainly use it when something seems hard but it’s not.

For authors, reviews are critical. We ask for reviews and are sometimes afraid to look at them. No author is immune to this. We write for our readers. What you say is important to us. We want to move you, entertain you, make you think, or make you cry. Authors are lost without their readers.

TheOne-CvrI politely ask for reviews in the back of all my books. Good, bad, or hopefully wonderful. But I want to know if you liked my tale of imagination. Who was your favourite character? What did you think of the hero? What did you think of the plot? Was the introduction with the thrilling first scene all you thought it would be? Did you enjoy the ending? Will you tell your friends to read this book?

Many people enthusiastically tell me they enjoyed the book but they forgot, were too busy, or just weren’t sure how to leave a review.

Hence, it’s just like ‘pulling teeth from a dinosaur’, trying to get a review. I myself am somewhat guilty. I have left a review too few times in the past. As an author, I now realise how important leaving a thoughtful review will mean to said author.

Each book I read I make it a point to leave a review. Those among you who would rather not use your real name, no problem; call yourself Snookie, Hairy-Scary, or Boo Who, if you want.

Using Amazon as an example, you simply go to the book page in question, click on reviews, and click on create a review. You need to have an email, and a made up ‘nickname.’ That’s it—honest.

So no more pulling teeth from a dinosaur, if you liked the author’s book, just remember it’s easy-peasy to leave a thoughtful review. We will adore you for it.

More information about Jackie on her website: www.jackiemae.com

Or buy her books on Amazon



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