Heart, Soul & Success: After Nyne Meets…Urbane Publications Founder Matthew Smith

A breath of fresh air in the stagnant world of publishing industry … an editor who actually listens to authors and takes his lead from readers. Pleasure working with him.

For the latest in After Nyne Meets our columnist Daniel David Gothard meets Matthew Smith, owner and founder of independent publisher Urbane Publications.

Matthew has commissioned, consulted on and published over 3,000 titles in a 25 year career, spanning titles and digital content in global trade, academic, education and business markets. He has been a Waterstones department manager, highly successful commissioning editor, packager, and director, in a career that has spanned both corporate (Pearson, Hodder Headline, Routledge) and leading independent (Arcturus, Kogan Page) publishing.

His reputation, and the reputation he promotes throughout the Urbane ethos, is founded on achieving shared goals, both creative and commercial, through proactive collaboration, and he genuinely believes that the author should play a dynamic role at the heart of the project, not simply be treated as a producer of content.

Matthew currently lives in Rochester (Dickens country!) with his wife and two children, as well…

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One thought on “Heart, Soul & Success: After Nyne Meets…Urbane Publications Founder Matthew Smith

  1. matthew152 says:

    Thank you for this Sara J Very much appreciated.

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